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Deprecating the Observer Pattern - Scala rests on a strong theoretical foundation, as well as on practical experience. Deprecating the Observer Pattern EPFL-REPORT-148043 Ingo Maier Tiark Rompf Martin Odersky EPFL {firstname}.{lastname}@epflAbstract Programming interactive.

Nada Amin ندى أمين @nadamin Twitter I'm an assistant professor at Purdue University, in the broad area of programming languages and compilers. My primary goal is to make hh-level languages and programming ques usable for performance critical systems. Tiark Rompf @tiarkrompf · Ambrose BS @. What seems most wrong about @richhickey's thesis is that great API desn often resides in what isn't there.

Philipp Haller - KTH The combination of bx with effects turns out to be surprisingly subtle, leading to problems with some of these proposals and increasing the complexity of others. Tiark Rompf, Adriaan Moors, Nada Amin, Philipp Haller, and Martin Odersky. Hher-Order and Symbolic. Diploma thesis, IPD Goos. University of Karlsruhe.

Deprecating the Observer Pattern -
Nada Amin ندى أمين @nadamin Twitter
Philipp Haller - KTH
Computing with an S solver - research.

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